Our Team

CoLab Faculty & Staff

Robin DeRosa
Director of the CoLab

Robin is a national leader in open pedagogy, and an advocate for public infrastructures and institutions for higher education.

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Martha Burtis
Associate Director & Learning Developer

Martha has worked in and around the intersection of higher ed, open pedagogy, and digital technologies for 20+ years and has a national reputation for her work with Domain of One’s Own and the open digital storytelling community, DS106. 

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Matthew Cheney
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

Matthew Cheney earned a BA and PhD in English from the University of New Hampshire, and an MA in Liberal Studies from Dartmouth College. 

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Hannah Hounsell
Program Support Assistant and Advisor for Interdisciplinary Studies

Hannah graduated from PSU in 2017 with a Bachelors in English and teacher certification.

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CoLab Faculty & Staff Affiliates

Hannah Davidson
Accessibility Affiliate

Hannah Davidson (pronouns: she/her) works in Campus Accessibility Services. She is also a teaching lecturer and a doctoral candidate here at Plymouth State, studying how Open Education impacts the experience of students with disabilities.

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Leslie Blakney
Career Integration Affiliate

Leslie Blakney (pronouns: she/her/herself) serves as the Director of the Career Development Office where she leads a team and vision to help students design their career in 3D.

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Katie Wolsiefer
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop Coordinator

Katie is an assistant professor in the psychology program.

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Cathie LeBlanc
Cluster Learning Affiliate

Cathie LeBlanc (pronouns: she/her) is the Coordinator of General Education at Plymouth State University. 

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Niki Tulk
Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Series Facilitator

Niki Tulk is an Australian, experimental theatre-maker, performer/improviser, writer, poet and performance studies scholar, and currently Teaching Faculty in Theatre at Plymouth State University.

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Nic Helms
Intersectionality Talks Series Coordinator

Nic Helms is Assistant Professor of British Literature at PSU, where he also teaches Disability and Global Literature.

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CoLab Student Affiliates (CoSA's!)

CoLab Student Affiliate

Natalie is a junior at PSU. She is currently an accounting major, but is looking forward to seeing what else Plymouth has to offer!

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CoLab Student Affiliate – Graphic Design and Promotion
Kris is a senior IDS major focusing on graphic design and marketing. She is originally from Revere, MA and loves anything art and music related. 

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CoLab Student Affiliate

Shannon is a senior in the IDS program, completing a degree in Integrative Wellness with a double minor in Applied Ethics and Health. She is passionate about the mind-body connection.

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CoLab Student Affiliate

Ellie is a senior at PSU with a major in Environmental Biology. She recently became a student affiliate for the CoLab and is very excited for the opportunity to work alongside faculty and with her peers.

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CoLab Student Affiliate

Eliana is a Senior at PSU studying towards a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She highlights and focuses on the relationship between meteorology, media, and journalism. She is very bright and outgoing. 

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CoLab Student Affiliate

Lauren is an undergraduate student at PSU studying to achieve a degree not only in Elementary Education but also Psychology with a minor in the history program. 

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CoLab Student Affiliate

Rhiannon is a second year here at PSU with a major in business administration and double minors in economics and pre-law on a three year graduation track.

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CoLab Student Affiliate

Carmela is an international student from Spain studying Business Administration and getting a minor in Global Tourism.

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CoLab Student Affiliate

Shelby is a first year student at PSU. She is currently in the Interdisciplinary Studies program with a focus in speech and human development.

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CoLab Student Affiliate

Toni is a junior in IDS, with a focus on the concept of Ecopsychology.

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