Our Team

CoLab Faculty & Staff

Robin DeRosa
Director of the CoLab

Robin is a national leader in open pedagogy, and an advocate for public infrastructures and institutions for higher education.

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Matthew Cheney
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

Matthew Cheney earned a BA and PhD in English from the University of New Hampshire, and an MA in Liberal Studies from Dartmouth College. 

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Martha Burtis
Learning & Teaching Developer

Martha has worked in and around the intersection of higher ed, open pedagogy, and digital technologies for 20+ years and has a national reputation for her work with Domain of One’s Own and the open digital storytelling community, DS106. 

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Hannah Hounsell
Program Support Assistant and Advisor for Interdisciplinary Studies

Hannah graduated from PSU in 2017 with a Bachelors in English and teacher certification.

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CoLab Professional Affiliates

Hannah Davidson
Accessibility Affiliate

Hannah Davidson (pronouns: she/her) works in Campus Accessibility Services. 

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Jessica Dutille
Community Impact Affiliate

Jessica Dutille (pronouns: she/her) serves as a catalyst for developing transformative high impact community engagement experiences that benefit students, off campus partners, and the broader community.

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Katie Gaebel
Career Connections Affiliate
Katie Gaebel works in the Career Development Office as the Associate Director and is a teaching lecturer.
Cathie LeBlanc
Cluster Learning Affiliate

Cathie LeBlanc (pronouns: she/her) is the Coordinator of General Education at Plymouth State University. 

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Matty Leighton
Staff Community Affiliate

Matty (pronouns she/her) is a manager in Financial Services with deep roots in the University System of New Hampshire.

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Christin Wixson
Open Education Affiliate

Christin is the Scholarly Communication Librarian at Lamson library, which means that she pays attention to and thinks about the systems, both formal and informal, that we all use to share and disseminate our work. 

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JoAnn Guilmett
Information Technology Affiliate
JoAnn Guilmett leads the PSU Client Services division in all facets of Information Technology including integration with Library as part of the Learning Commons.
Jason Neenos
Academic Technology Affiliate
Jason Neenos is the Academic Technology Coordinator for Plymouth State. He received his undergraduate degree in Secondary Education and masters in Educational Technology from Arizona State University.

CoLab Student Affiliates

IDS Peer Mentor

Ben is an Interdisciplinary Student at PSU. He centers his learning in Music-Physics. Yes, Music-Physics, we thought it was odd at first as well. Learning about how the world of music, and the physics of the universe come into play for each instrument, vocalist, speaker, microphone, and venue.

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CPLC Participant

Jess (pronouns: technically, she/ her is fine, but gender is d u m b. I mean, what even IS gender, honestly?) is a student in the English program at Plymouth State University. 

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Digital & Open Consultant

Kieran is a student in the Interdisciplinary Studies program at PSU, concentrating on the relationship between technology and people, and is a Digital and Open Consultant at the CoLab.

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Digital & Open Consultant

Natalie is a first year student at PSU. She is currently an accounting major, but is looking forward to seeing what else Plymouth has to offer!

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Digital & Open Consultant

Saoirse (pronouns she/ her) is a first-year student at Plymouth State University, employed as a Digital and Open Consultant with the CoLab where she is very anxious to immerse herself in the community.

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IDS Peer Mentor

Sofia is an international student in the Interdisciplinary Studies program at PSU, with a focus on International Business in relation to Sustainability. She recently became a CoLab Student Affiliate and IDS Peer Mentor, and she is very excited to be a part of this team.

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Graphic Design and Promotion
Kris is a sophomore IDS major focusing on graphic design and marketing. She is originally from Revere, MA and loves anything art and music related. 


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Graphic Design and Promotion
Maya is a Senior here at Plymouth State with an Interdisciplinary Studies major in Media for Social Change and a minor in photography. She is interested in learning about how social justice movements are influenced by different media, both negatively and positively, which then can be used to understand the best was to create positive social change and successful social justice movements.

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