Hannah Mallon

Learning Advisor & Developer for the Open Learning & Teaching Collaborative

Hannah Hounsell

Hannah works for the Open Learning & Teaching Collaborative as a Learning Advisor. She supports IDS students as they create unique, tailored degree programs and faculty as they create transformational experiences in their classrooms. Along with supporting the CoLab’s ongoing projects and curriculum, she coordinates the CoLab Student Affiliate (CoSA) Program, which empowers students to lead and engage in innovations in teaching and learning. 

Hannah graduated from PSU in 2017 with a BA in English and teacher certification for grades 5-12. She returned to PSU and completed her MEd in Curriculum and Instruction in 2022.

She is passionate about helping students understand the (too often) confusing world of higher education. She is interested in fandom, female/ queer representation in media, gender performance, and creative writing. She is a DM and frequent player of Dungeons & Dragons (ask her about her current halfling paladin named Mantis). She can often be found snuggling her cat daughter, reading a good book/ fanfic, or spending entirely too much of her free time watching TikTok (or all three at once).