Senior seminar students gather at the party under a rainbow-colored balloon arch
Interdisciplinary Studies

2023 Fall End-of-Semester-Celebration

Action Project Gallery Reducing Textile Waste at PSU Oliver Callahan Reducing Textile Waste at PSU Learning Disability: Resources & Advocacy Shelby Goodell-Spooner Learning Disability: Resources & Advocacy The FloTub Florrie

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The Intersection of AI and Pedagogy

In November 2022, the company OpenAI released a chatbot interface for its latest artificial intelligence language model (GPT 3.5). This tool, ChatGPT, makes it possible to interact with a powerful

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The Experience Paradox, And How To Beat It: Using Project-Based College Work to Land Your First Job

When freshly-minted college graduates are looking for their first jobs, many are frustrated by what can best be described as the experience paradox.  Many supposedly entry-level post-college jobs ask for one or two years of experience.  I’ve heard many graduating seniors exclaim, with warranted frustration, “How can I get my first job, if all of these supposedly first jobs want one or two years of experience?”

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