Staff Learning Community – Spring 2020 Launch

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Sign-up closed on February 14. Please stay tuned for our next project launch!

The Staff Learning Community is an emergent, community-driven initiative established to improve the culture and processes at PSU. Our goal is to provide the space and structure for staff to join together as an empowered community and engage in university projects. At our January Jamboree session, many staff members came together to propose project ideas for the coming semester. We were energized by the passion and excitement that staff members brought to these project proposals. 

The SLC Leadership Group met and determined a manageable project from this list to begin working on in Spring 2020. This semester’s project:  

Transitional Documentation Project

This project focuses on capturing and preserving valuable knowledge that is currently lost when employees leave positions at PSU, either because they are taking a different position within the university or because they are leaving the institution. During a Jan Jam Unconference session, SLC members identified a phased approach to this project. Phase 1, which will take place this spring, will explore approaches that might be implemented quickly to capture information when faculty and staff announce they will vacate a position. What do they do that other people don’t know about? What do they know about why specific policies and procedures were implemented in their area? Phase 2, which will be explored at a later date, will attempt to identify positions that have critical responsibilities and capture information proactively, while incumbents are still in place. Phase 3, which proposes systematic, proactive documentation of critical information needed to transition all positions on campus, will be fleshed out further after phases 1 and 2 are complete.

Once you sign on to a project, you will hear from an SLC Leader who will help the group determine their approach to the project and participation. 

Dates: March 9 – June 30th 

Who Can Apply: All faculty and staff are welcome to apply to the SLC.

Time Commitment: Staff members should aim to spend about an hour a week on these projects—with flexible opportunities to complete this work on Teams.

**Please note, we have decided to table three project ideas for now, the Monthly Town Hall Meeting Committeem, Methods of Supervisor/ Adv Training, and Financial Services Focus Group with the intention that we will revisit these in Fall 2020. However, if a project was tabled that you are passionate about getting a start on, please indicate this on our form. We also encourage you to propose project ideas for future consideration!