CPLC Season 3: Session 3

four unhatched eggs in nest


A reminder that if you cannot attend today’s session on Zoom, you should complete the Asynchronous Starting with Values Activity instead! Please do that before July 13th!

Optional Social Half Hour (8:30-9am)

Bring your coffee and hang out with us for a bit before our day begins!

Staring With Values (9-9:30am)

Check out the Starting With Values assignment that we did for homework. Discuss your chosen links in your small group, summarizing the content at your link and explaining what value it most espouses. As a group, fill in the last column in the table with the 1-2 words that label each of your group member’s values.

Cluster Learning Slide Share (9:30-11am)

About Design Forward (11-11:30am)

The faculty and staff who participated in the June Design Forward workshop will talk about the experience and what it might mean for the future of faculty development at PSU.

Closing & Afternoon Track Preview (11:30am-12pm)

We will make sure you understand the homework, and know where you are headed for this afternoon’s track meetings.

Homework To Be Done Before August 25th


Go back to the Starting With Values activity. Think of a new activity, practice, or idea that you might add to your teaching or other university work in the fall that reflects your value, and add it to the table.

All Folks Who Did Not Attend on July 13:

  • To finish out your asynchronous participation for the July CPLC session, check out the Cluster Learning Slide Share that your colleagues created during our synchronous session. Write a question or response to something on the slides in our “CPLC Season 3 General Channel” on Teams.


Asynchronous participation for TWP/INCAP

Between July 13 and July 20, review the padlet (from the track syllabus: https://padlet.com/cleblanc11/nst9kryce26c3g5a) and create a one-pager that synthesizes your thoughts about at least 2 of the sessions. Be sure you identify which sessions you are synthesizing. You might include your questions about the sessions, your thoughts about the session description, what you are wondering about the discussion, etc. Post your one-pager to the Team channel by July 20. If you are new to one-pagers, this is a useful introduction: https://www.cultofpedagogy.com/one-pagers/

Homework for ALL TWP/INCAP

  1. Review the posted one-pagers. If there are one-pagers about a session you attended, respond in some way—answer questions, identify key discussion points, etc. If there are one-pagers for sessions you didn’t attend but are asking questions or making observations that you have thoughts about, share your thoughts.

  1. By now, you should be putting together the details of your classes for the Fall 2021 semester. If you are teaching TWP or INCAP, please do this assignment related to that class. If you are not teaching TWP or INCAP, use one of your other classes into which you might be applying some of the ideas we have explored in CPLC. Before our University Days session, share some aspect of your course in the Teams channel. You might share your syllabus, an assignment, a class activity, etc.


Add an idea to our GoogleDoc outreach brainstorm. Participate in the channel chat on Teams as we talk about the admin meeting.

Staff Learning Community:

Review our staff survey draft (document on Teams) and add comments for edits, changes, additions.


Fill out this DoodlePoll so we can meet to get started! Please do this now!

Accessibility & Open Advisors

Check out your channel in Teams– time to get planning for an August presentation!

Design Forward

Make sure you have scheduled your debrief with Martha and filled out the final reflection. Let Robin know if you plan to attend the optional Workbook session on July 15th!