Cluster Pedagogy Learning Community: Season 2

Applications Closed

Applications were accepted through February 10 at 10am.

Thanks to generous support from Plymouth State University, the USNH Board of Trustees, the USNH Chancellor’s Office, and the Davis Foundation, we are pleased to announce a grassroots faculty and staff effort to develop coherence and community around “cluster pedagogy.” The CPLC is a dynamic and emergent initiative designed to support current pedagogy-related university projects, align campus efforts to innovate around curriculum and instruction, and refocus institutional efforts on teaching and learning. The curriculum and practices of the CPLC focus on three currently-identified aspects of cluster pedagogy: interdisciplinary learning, open learning, and project-based learning.

Dates: April 24, 2020 through May 2021

Number of Spots in Season Two: 70

Deadline to Apply: February 10, 2020 (10am)

Track Details: All participants will spend time together engaging in online and face-to-face curriculum, and subgroups (or “tracks”) will meet together as needed to concentrate on specific work. Applicants will be grouped according to their interests, teaching assignments, projects, and/or roles. When applicants apply, they will be asked to identify one or more interests from the options in the green boxes below.

Funding: Everyone who participates in the CPLC will receive a $1,000 stipend if they complete the full year of participation. It is possible for some participants to receive $2,000 if they serve in one of the four curricular tracks (TWP/INCAP/OE/CC) and serve as a CoLab Faculty Affiliate as well.

Who Can Apply: All faculty and staff are welcome to apply for all areas of the CPLC. Preference for CoLab Faculty Affiliate roles will be given to those who regularly teach courses at PSU and who have participated in CPLC Season 1. Note that folks are welcome to repeat participation in tracks in which they participated in Season 1, and also welcome to apply as CoLab Faculty Affiliates whether or not they have interest in any of the other four areas of the CPLC.

Time Commitment: There will be a dinner during the evening of April 24, 2020, a session during exam week of Spring 2020, 2 sessions during Summer 2020, a session during University Days, and several sessions throughout the 2020-21 academic year. There will be regular online work required. We try hard to connect the work to your regular PSU duties, and to keep the workload manageable given your busy schedule.

Team Teaching Bonus: As a special bonus, we will be offering the opportunity for five 2-person teams to TEAM TEACH a course in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021. We can offer buy-outs to support five pairs. All team teaching must be as part of one of the CPLC areas (TWP, INCAP, Open Ed, Cluster Curriculum), and all teams will participate in the CPLC. Want to do CPLC with a buddy? We’ve got you covered! You don’t need to have it all figured out to apply: just chat with a friend and express initial interest on the application where prompted.

Tackling a Wicked Problem

Are you interested in teaching “Tackling a Wicked Problem” in the Fall of 2020? The CPLC will support TWP faculty as they focus on improving the curriculum and delivery of PSU’s continuing revision of the First-Year Seminar course, and will work to link the course to broader institutional goals and practices related to cluster pedagogy.


Are you interested in teaching an integrated capstone course sometime in the future? The CPLC will support faculty as they focus on developing new courses and/or changing existing courses to meet the requirements of the integrated capstone designation, and will work to link these courses to broader institutional goals and practices related to cluster pedagogy.

Open Education

Are you interested in converting from commercial textbooks to open educational resources (OER), or in trying out some open pedagogy in your courses? The CPLC will support faculty as they focus on a project related to open education, and link these faculty to colleagues across USNH and CCSNH who are also committed to open.

Cluster Curriculum

Are you interested in designing a Cluster Major or in revising a current program to be more interdisciplinary and/or sustainable? The CPLC will support faculty as they solve design challenges (such as reducing low-enrolled courses), align with Cluster Learning, and/or engage with Clusters in creative and economically viable ways.

CoLab Faculty Affiliate

Did you participate in Season One of the CPLC? If so, you are eligible to be a CoLab Faculty Affiliate! There are multiple ways to serve, including:

  • serving on the TWP Steering Committee;
  • serving as a mentor for the Open Ed Track;
  • serving as a Cluster Curriculum or INCAP facilitator;
  • serving as a mentor for new PSU faculty;
  • serving on a CoLab project (such as Online Onboarding, ACE, January Jamboree, SLC).

Applicants need not know how they would like to serve; they simply have to know they would like to work in and with the CoLab to help our community come together around learning and teaching!