This is an archive of the website for the Cluster Pedagogy Learning Community, a grant-funded faculty development project at PSU from 2019-2022. While all of the content has been preserved here, some features may no longer work and some links may be broken.

CPLC Season 2: Fall Meet Up


For our fall 2020 meetup of the CPLC, we have organized three different, hour-long sessions. Participants should choose at least ONE  to attend! (Though you are welcome to attend as many as you wish!)

Talking about Our Teaching: Our Needs and Goals in This Moment

Friday, November 6, 11AM-12PM

Facilitated by Cathie LeBlanc & Robin DeRosa.

This session will be a space for faculty to talk to each other about what it has been like to teach in Fall 2020, especially given the challenges presented by COVID-19. What supports do you wish you had? How can we better support each other? What additional supports can we ask of the institution? What kinds of things are happening in your teaching that you didn’t anticipate but that we should document? What have we learned in Fall 2020 that will be critical for us to take into account as we prepare for Spring 2021? We will develop lists of needs, concerns, and takeaways to be shared with the CoLab, our larger faculty and staff, and the administration in the hopes that we can address some of these areas before the start of the next semester.

Talking about Our Teaching: Our Needs and Goals After COVID

Monday, November 9th, 12PM-1PM 

Facilitated by Martha Burtis.

As we acknowledge the struggles faculty are facing this fall, particularly teaching hi-flex, it’s important to also consider how this semester fits into the larger, longer narrative of our teaching careers. What experiences are you having this fall that will inform you in future semesters? What skills are you acquiring? What are you doing right now that you will never do again? What are you doing now that you will continue even after the Covid19 crisis has passed? How do we hope our teaching and our institutions will shift in the wake of the lessons we are learning now, and how can we catalyze and support those longer-term shifts?

Students Talk With You About Teaching

Tuesday, November 10th, 4PM-5PM

Facilitated by Grace McKeon, Manisha Karki, Natalie Smith, & Kieran Egan.

Organized by CoLab Student Affiliates, this session will focus on 1) what wisdom and ideas students have mined from YOUR own CPLC Teams posts this year that they want to reflect back to you; 2) what pedagogical insights they have developed from watching and working with their professors during the challenges of COVID; and 3) what they hope teaching and learning at PSU will be like in the future. They will present their thoughts and engage you in discussion, and remind you that students and instructors are all on the same team!

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