CPLC Season 1: Interdisciplinarity in Context

May 9 & 10, 2019


  1. Welcome (8:30-8:45am)
    • Responding to feedback.
    • CPLC Objective: to build a learning community that will enable us to work together productively and sustainably on issues and challenges related to teaching and learning at PSU and beyond.
    • ATI Takeaways from the Open Ed Track.
  2. Connecting Stories Icebreaker (8:45-9:20am) Connecting Stories is a team-building activity and get-to-know-you game that is about finding common experiences or themes between people. At your tables, you will build post-it chains of related true micro stories (try to share one that might surprise your colleagues!), with each group member contributing one story to the chain. We will be reading the chains out loud to the full CPLC.
  3. Small Groups: The Work and Values of the CPLC (9:20-10:15am)
    • Introduce yourselves (who you are, what you do at PSU, what you enjoy working on or doing in your spare time, why you joined the CPLC).
    • What do you hope could emerge through the CPLC? What would we have to do as a group to facilitate that emergence? What could you as an individual do to facilitate that emergence?
    • Take a look at the summary of values and discuss what each of these mean to you, and how those values intersect with your own PSU local contexts (your daily job, your TWP course, your Open Ed project, etc). Which values resonate most with the specific work you currently do or could do in the future at PSU? What role, if any, could/should the CPLC play in setting the values of Plymouth State University?
    • Please return to the Hage Room at 10:15am.
  4. Sharing Back Small Group Highlights (10:15-10:40am) What do you hope could emerge through the CPLC? What would we have to do as a group to facilitate that emergence?
  5. How We Shared: Efficacy & Community (10:40-11am)
  6. In Tracks: Interdisciplinary Conversation (11-11:45am)
    1. Main Track with Brandon & Brigid in HUB109.
    2. Wicked Track with Elisabeth & Rachelle in the Hage Room.
    3. Open Track with Kristin & Hannah in HUB Tower Room.
      • Start with hellos and introductions. Then discuss:
      • Drawing on the Interdisciplinary Fast Blast; readings from Davidson or Gregorian; and/or your own experience with interdisciplinary teaching and research, talk together about what excites you most about encouraging more interdisciplinary learning at PSU. Share examples from your own experience with interdisciplinary initiatives or collaborations, and try to draw out some of the key challenges and benefits to working across fields, especially with students. Please designate someone to take some notes in your track’s GoogleDoc! Please Return to the Hage Room at 11:45am.
  7. Wrap-Up & Looking Ahead (11:45am-12pm)
    • Sharing plans for next time
    • July 30th plan; University Days plan is in process
    • Track-Specific Reminders
    • The CoLab is your hub and support center: use us!