CPLC Season 2: Session 3

four unhatched eggs in nest


  1. Backchannel Group Discussion (martha facilitates)
  2. HiFlex: Y’All Ready? (robin facilitates)
  3. Teaching Artifact Share (cathie facilitates)
  4. Activity: Building Online Community (hannah facilitates)
  5. Backchannel Debrief (martha facilitates)
  6. Homework (robin facilitates)

Backchannel Group Discussion

  • Free Write: Take 5 minutes (you can mute and turn off your video) to reflect on what you like and/or do not like about the backchannel in the Zoom chat. How does it add to or detract from your experience in this learning community?
  • Sharing Back:Volunteers willing to kick off a short conversation about the Chat backchannel.
  • Teams Pilot: Join us!

Activity: Teaching Artifact Share

  • In your group, discuss the artifact that you contributed for homework. How does each artifact in your group connect with Cluster Learning? with core teaching and learning values that are important to people in your group?
  • Identify the artifact in your group that you think best connects to the idea of building community, and have that group member be ready to share that when we reconvene as a large group.

Activity: Building Online Communities

  • Show & Tell: Our special guests give us a tour of their online communities, and what makes them special and worthwhile.
  • Discuss: What are the most important things to keep in mind when trying to build a class community? What unique possibilities and challenges does an online or HiFlex environment present for community-building?

By August 21

HOMEWORK FOR ALL: Read pages 4-22 of the “Trauma-Informed Practices for Postsecondary Education Guide.” Annotate with Hypothesis as you read, or post a reflection about your reading in the appropriate Teams folder.

OPEN TRACK: Read Robin’s latest piece about equity and OER, or read Rajiv Jhangiani’s article, “Just how inclusive are ‘inclusive access’ e-textbook programs? Post your reflections about either article in our Track channel on Teams.

CLUSTER CURRICULUM TRACK: Read the complete set of Cluster Curriculum Track Planning Docs posted by your colleagues in our folder on our track’s Teams channel. Share reflections, ideas, connections, and updates on your own plans in a post in our track channel.


  • Explore the Annotated Syllabi (which is in the Files for the TWP or INCAP channel) 

  • Before the next meeting, share a reflection that addresses something related to the following prompt. Note that the reflection does not need to be a written narrative. You could create an infographic, a video, a podcast, or whatever feels appropriate. Explain how you will incorporate cluster pedagogy (interdisciplinary, project-based learning, open pedagogy) into Tackling a Wicked Problem or INCAP. How will you create a learning environment that allows students to practice the Habits of Mind? If this prompt doesn’t engage you, reflect in some way on your course, cluster pedagogy, and the Habits of Mind. Share your reflection in your track’s channel on Teams.