CPLC Season 1: Scaling In the Community of Practice

  1. Welcome: The takeaway form is here (5 minutes)
  2. Crowd-Sourced Check-In (45)
  3. Learning Communities: Definitions and Ongoing Questions (10)
  4. Activity: Community: Concepts & Practices (25)
  5. Debrief: Why do WE want to build a sustainable LC? (10)
  6. Scaling In & Looking Ahead to Jan Jam (25)
      1. January Jamboree is January 14th & 15th: How do we scale in?
      2. CoPop Personalized Plan (Beta Test): Google Doc or Fillable Word Doc
      3. CoLab Opportunities
      4. Homework for January 14th: Annotate Cluster Learning at Plymouth State: A Community-Based Approach to Pedagogy (use Hypothesis, or alternatively: Moodle folder; Twitter hashtag (#PSUopen); your blog!)

The slide deck from today is here.

Homework: Annotating the Collection with Hypothesis

Between now and January Jamboree, revisit Cluster Learning at Plymouth State: A Community-Based Approach to Pedagogy. Using the annotation tool, Hypothes.is, add your own comments and feedback to the text. 

New to Hypothesis? Learn more about the tool and sign up

Need more help? Stop by the CoLab during our open hours (M-F, 8:30-5) and someone will assist you! 

If you prefer not to use Hypothesis, remember you can always use the Moodle folder to post, tweet to #PSUopen, or use your own blog site!

And remember that ZINE WEEK is January 24-31!