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Grade Speculation Calculator for Students Person presents on the grade speculation calculator.

Grade Speculation Calculator for Students

“What’s my grade?”  The honest answers “It depends” or “It’s complicated” might do more harm than good.  For a student with limited quantitative literacy, grade weights and conditional grades can be overwhelming.  To help students understand that they have a range of grade possibilities, we’ve created a Grade Speculation Calculator.  This is a spreadsheet into […]

Advising thumbnail of Advising Presentation


In this workshop, Prof. Mark Fischler focuses on our advising processes and techniques here at PSU. As retention becomes even more critical to our very survival the role of effective academic advising is of paramount importance. There are multiple approaches to consider. Let’s explore them together. Mark’s Slides Video of Workshop

Day to Day Democracy photo of Adam Keul

Day to Day Democracy

As a means to respond to the daily mood and climate of a course, Professor Adam Keul has implemented daily votes on curriculum in the “Tackling a Wicked Problem” course. The tactic has already fostered a comfortable rapport and a sense of student solidarity in the course. In this presentation, Adam gathers faculty perspectives as […]

Ungrading Workshop Resources Ungrading slide

Ungrading Workshop Resources

Some folks in the CPLC asked for a time to explore “ungrading,” or moving away from grades toward feedback-oriented models. All welcome as we talk about the challenges and benefits of shifting up our grading practices. These are resources generated in preparation for and out of the conversation at that event. Video (YouTube) Additional Resources (Google […]