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Universal Design For Learning: From Access to Equity Slide of two smiling people, one man one woman

Universal Design For Learning: From Access to Equity

“Universal Design is not about buildings, it is about building – building community, building better pedagogy, building opportunities for agency. It is a way to move.” (Jay Dolmage, 2017) In this 90-minute virtual session, participants will learn about the history and core ideas of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and how we as educators can […]

Kathleen Fitzpatrick: “Generous Thinking” Keynote slide of building a more generous university

Kathleen Fitzpatrick: “Generous Thinking” Keynote

Professor and author Kathleen Fitzpatrick talks about Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University. Delivered as a closing keynote for the Cluster Pedagogy Learning Community at Plymouth State University, this presentation was opened to the public, and includes a Q&A session at the end.  

The Remedial Herstory Project The Eckert test slide

The Remedial Herstory Project

The Remedial Herstory Project is a New Hampshire based nonprofit founded and led by Plymouth State professor Kelsie Eckert and other women educators and advocates. The RHP is dedicated to developing and providing inquiry-based learning materials on women’s history free to educators. In support of its mission, the RHP produces media, and provides resources and […]

Across the Curriculum Series: Information Literacy slide with woman smiling

Across the Curriculum Series: Information Literacy

The “Across the Curriculum” series is inspired by the Integrated Cluster Model. The faculty and staff of the Lamson Academic Unit have collaborated to create this series, which aims to help us integrate curriculum, infuse Cluster Learning throughout our courses, and align our approaches so that students benefit from a cohesive academic experience. Information literacy […]

Students Talk With You About Teaching Series

Students Talk With You About Teaching Series

Our series, Students Talk With You About Teaching provides an opportunity for open conversation between students and faculty about pedagogy. CoLab Student Affiliates select the topics they want to talk with you about and plan activities and discussions around their topics.  Students Talk With You About Empathetic Teaching So much can be gained by approaching […]

Exploring Team-Based Learning

Often considered a relation of project-based learning (PBL), Team-Based Learning (TBL) has a slightly different structure and philosophy. It’s becoming increasingly popular as a way of getting groups of students to engage in teams while learning content. Come explore, see how it relates (or doesn’t) to Cluster Learning, and glean what might be helpful to […]

How To Support Your New Chief Diversity Officer thumbnail of Slide Deck–Morris

How To Support Your New Chief Diversity Officer

Keene State’s Chief Officer of Diversity & Multiculturalism, Dr. Dottie Morris, joins us in a frank conversation about how to support the new CDO who will be starting soon at Plymouth State. What are the challenges and opportunities presented by such a position, and how can others on campus create the conditions for solidarity and […]

The Labor of Teaching black and white photo of several interconnected gears

The Labor of Teaching

From a CoLab-hosted discussion on the labor of teaching: what does the work of teaching look like, how does it reflect our values, and how does our labor translate into successful experiences for students? We’re interested in talking through these questions and identifying what we can do when the answers don’t necessarily align. Discussion Questions […]