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Graveyards of Academe: The Neoliberal University headless statue at grave

Graveyards of Academe: The Neoliberal University

Inspired by Benjamin Balthaser and Bill V. Mullen’s essay “The Necroliberal University: COVID-19, Racial Violence, and the Management of Death“, this event offers us an opportunity to discuss current practices and ideologies of higher education. Necroliberal melds neoliberal with necropolitical, resulting in a word that suggests the management and administration of death within an environment […]

Meaningful Self-Assessment meme of slick guy winking and pointing at camera. caption reads "oh, self-assessment questions? sure, I'll answer them completely truthfully. . ."

Meaningful Self-Assessment

As we explore new ways of thinking about grading, many of us are interested in creating opportunities for students to assess themselves and reflect upon their own learning . During this session we explore how we can construct meaningful self-assessments, particularly for students (and faculty!) who may have had less than stellar experiences with this […]

Frameworks for Course Design in Digital Environments

Frameworks for Course Design in Digital Environments

Whether you teach face to face in person, virtually synchronous, or asynchronously, your students will interact with your course digitally. Prompted by PSU student feedback, this session for faculty discusses frameworks, tools, and tips on how to translate your teaching into the digital realm. Presenters: Melissa Christensen, Jason Neenos, Cathie LeBlanc

Getting Students to Enjoy the Reading

Getting Students to Enjoy the Reading

When a class is discussion-based, it is critical that students do the reading assignments ahead of time. How can we ensure that students completed the reading and assign points to the task without administering the dreaded comprehension test? This session will provide a tutorial for implementing Perusall, which is described as a “social e-reader platform.” […]

Community Building in Online Spaces thumbnail of CoLab Building Community Online

Community Building in Online Spaces

While online learning often gets framed as less social than f2f sessions, the internet actually offers possibilities for building connections among learners and across student/faculty boundaries. This session explores how that can happen, spaces for supporting it, and also reasons why it may not work optimally during the pandemic. We’ll look at issues of connection […]