The Power of Place: How Place-Centered Education is the Secret to raising a new Generation of Empowered Students

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Place-Based Education (PBE), so named by David Sobel, is a unique teaching technique that has been developing within the educational community. More than ever, teachers are looking to provide students with not only education, but the skills necessary to make use of it. PBE fills this need by using both the natural landscape and human communities around a school to inspire meaningful, project-based learning. Such an approach allows education to be useful, it helps children develop a bond with their community and it empowers children to be advocates for change in the communities that help to raise them. Join us for a night of exploration into PBE as a pedagogy and bring your unique expertise to discuss how it can be applied in the field.

The webinar was facilitated by Kady Hoffman. She is currently a Senior Place-Based Education major at Plymouth State University. Over the past three years, her program has included an in-depth study of elementary education, adventure education, environmental science and social science. She has a strong background in the environmental education community and has taught in programs all across New England. Currently, Kady works as an assistant teacher at Mountain Village Charter School. Her dream is to someday own her own environmental education center which specializes at helping people to enjoy nearby human and natural communities.