SPIN 2024: Teaching (in) Gen Z

On May 14th, the CoLab hosted a new faculty development program, Spring Pedagogy Institute (SPIN), for the first time. During the morning of the inaugural event (offered in collaboration with the faculty of Lamson Library) we interrogated some of the ways we think about learners and learning today, and asked critical questions about what has changed—and what remains the same—in an era where the internet, generative AI, and educational technologies are shaping the landscape in which we teach. We were joined virtually by David Cormier of the University of Windsor in Ontario Canada and author of Learning in a time of Abundance: the community is the curriculum.

In addition, eight PSU faculty presented in the afternoon about teaching strategies, successes, and challenges. The day finished up with a presentation and workshop led by the faculty of PSU’s HoME program. 

Resources from the morning session, afternoon presentations, and the HoME program are offered below.

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