Checking In: A mental health positive tool for student engagement

thumbnail of Checking in SPIN presentation

Presenter: Jessie Chapman

Checking in is a classroom engagement tool I have carried over from my work in professional and educational theatre settings. It effectively uses the first five minutes of class time to build classroom community, provide a regular outlet for students to share access needs (and build their confidence and vocabulary around access needs, and align with students so that they can be more present for the class period following the check in.

This brief workshop will introduce the components of the practice, how you can use it regularly to support student mental health and inclusive pedagogy, and you can leave with a nifty handout that breaks down the practice and has dozens of prompt suggestions to get you started.

FYI I started using this practice in my classes after working with the CPLC and it has been positively reinforced by my students again and again in my course evaluations.

Note: This resources is related to a faculty presentation at SPIN 2024. 
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