Credit Hour Calculator For Online Courses

calculator lying next to a tablet and pen

This is a resource created by the good folks at Granite State College. At its most basic, it’s a list of the ways your students engage in your online course, along with their best guesstimates of how long each would take an average student to complete it successfully. At the bottom is the target number of hours, based on the number of credits awarded for the course. This will automatically help you calculate the course credit hours and see how close your current instruction is to the target goal. The best way to do this is for you to grab a copy of your course syllabus and start entering data. Remember, you only need enter the number of times you assign each occurrence. Most faculty report that this only takes about 10 minutes. Also, please remember that the list of assignments on the left is our best crack at all the possible things you could do with your class. It’s not meant to be exhaustive, and if you don’t see your assignment here, go ahead and wing it. Use the next-best option.

If you find that your course is off the target goal (either over or under), stop.

Take a deep breath. And don’t do anything drastic. We realize that this model is an inexact science (at best) and we are not recommending any wholesale revisions to the course based simply on this.  If your analysis leads you to believe something is amiss, please work with your program coordinator or with the CoLab to review your course in more detail.