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Universal Design For Learning: From Access to Equity Slide of two smiling people, one man one woman

Universal Design For Learning: From Access to Equity

“Universal Design is not about buildings, it is about building – building community, building better pedagogy, building opportunities for agency. It is a way to move.” (Jay Dolmage, 2017) In this 90-minute virtual session, participants will learn about the history and core ideas of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and how we as educators can […]

Across the Curriculum Series: Information Literacy slide with woman smiling

Across the Curriculum Series: Information Literacy

The “Across the Curriculum” series is inspired by the Integrated Cluster Model. The faculty and staff of the Lamson Academic Unit have collaborated to create this series, which aims to help us integrate curriculum, infuse Cluster Learning throughout our courses, and align our approaches so that students benefit from a cohesive academic experience. Information literacy […]

The Labor of Teaching black and white photo of several interconnected gears

The Labor of Teaching

From a CoLab-hosted discussion on the labor of teaching: what does the work of teaching look like, how does it reflect our values, and how does our labor translate into successful experiences for students? We’re interested in talking through these questions and identifying what we can do when the answers don’t necessarily align. Discussion Questions […]

Career & Curriculum Series, 2021 Blond woman in mask talking

Career & Curriculum Series, 2021

This three-part series was facilitated by Colab Affiliate Leslie Blakney, Director of Career Development,  in the Fall of 2021. As the series unfolds, resources and recordings will be posted on this page. NACE Career Readiness Competencies Prof. Rebecca Noel’s Career Competency Worksheet Activity Habits of Mind Benchmarks Video 1: Infusing Career Readiness Into (Co-)Curriculum Video […]

Authentic Assessment & Student Success thumbnail of Assessment and Success

Authentic Assessment & Student Success

Authentic assessments ask students to apply their learning to new situations. It is often contrasted with conventional test assessments and can be described as “messy and complex.” This session will address strategies around creating rubrics, providing feedback, and reaching learning outcomes in order to gauge student success. Spoiler: clarity and consistency are key! Slide Deck […]

Community Building in Online Spaces thumbnail of CoLab Building Community Online

Community Building in Online Spaces

While online learning often gets framed as less social than f2f sessions, the internet actually offers possibilities for building connections among learners and across student/faculty boundaries. This session explores how that can happen, spaces for supporting it, and also reasons why it may not work optimally during the pandemic. We’ll look at issues of connection […]

Designing Assignments for Online Environments thumbnail of OnlineAssignments

Designing Assignments for Online Environments

Through collaboration, low stakes/entry digital tools, and active learning exercises there are many ways to transform f2f assignments into online assignments. Using small adjustments this presentation will focus on strategies for creating online assignments framed within UDL principles, an understanding of cognitive load, and backward design. Slide Deck One Page Resource on Designing Assignments   […]