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Provost Nate Bowditch sabbatical committee chair Laura Dykstra and PSU AAUP president Matt Cheney will share information about the sabbatical application process and answer questions This session is especially appropriate for hellip

We had a wonderful panel discussion featuring Robin DeRosa moderator Raj Sachdev Amy Collier Tom Nudd Autumm Caines and Chris Gilliard The non public recording is available by request contact the hellip

Anecdotally university professors at PSU are reporting that their students are struggling with class attendance At a CoLab event this spring we sought to unpack and explore this issue as hellip

What do recent advances in artificial intelligence technologies mean for teachers and students today Join Jess Flarity University of New Hampshire and Cameron Gibson CUNY Grad Center to learn about hellip

Wondering what s going on with Musk s Twitter and what you should know about it Concerned about the latest AI tools that everyone is talking about and what they mean for hellip

Universal Design is not about buildings it is about building building community building better pedagogy building opportunities for agency It is a way to move Jay Dolmage 2017 In hellip

The Across the Curriculum series is inspired by the Integrated Cluster Model The faculty and staff of the Lamson Academic Unit have collaborated to create this series which aims to hellip

From a CoLab hosted discussion on the labor of teaching what does the work of teaching look like how does it reflect our values and how does our labor translate into hellip

Resources from CoLab event held on 9 20 21 exploring what it means to forefront self care in the design of our courses How can we build learning and teaching experiences that not only hellip

This three part series was facilitated by Colab Affiliate Leslie Blakney Director of Career Development in the Fall of 2021 As the series unfolds resources and recordings will be posted on hellip

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