Students Talk With You About Teaching Series

Our series, Students Talk With You About Teaching provides an opportunity for open conversation between students and faculty about pedagogy. CoLab Student Affiliates select the topics they want to talk with you about and plan activities and discussions around their topics. 

Students Talk With You About Empathetic Teaching

So much can be gained by approaching teaching and learning with care and empathy. In this session, students will share their perspectives and provide some effective strategies that professors can use to connect with and check in with their students. 

Students Talk With You About Group Work and Project-Based Classes

Group work and project-based work can be some of the most challenging types of work to incorporate into classes for faculty and students. Come hear students talk about their perspective on these important but tricky pedagogical approaches.

Students Talk With You About Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources = free textbooks! The burden of expensive textbooks on students is an injustice for those who are economically disadvantaged, but we have the power to do something about that and make college more accessible.  

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