Instructional Design: Basics for a COVID Semester

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While Covid19 didn’t create the current challenges that are facing our classrooms it has brought the conversation to the fore. This presentation will look at the new reality for students and faculty learning in an age in information abundance and present concepts to help us design effective and caring courses. As a change leader, an educational researcher and learning community advocate, Dave Cormier has spent the last twenty years trying to make education better. He has led teams in k12, college and university environments, and has published on open education, Rhizomatic Learning, MOOCs (Massive/Open Online Courses), and the impact of technology on the future of higher education. He is currently the learning specialist for digital learning strategy and special projects at the University of Windsor.
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Video Highlights

We’ve bookmarked selected highlights from Dave’s presentation so that you can focus on those topics that are most immediately relevant to your course preparation. (Of course, we also recommend that you find the time at some point to watch ALL of Dave’s presentation!)

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