HoMEcoming: Exploring the Habits of Mind Experience

picture of welcome mat on a tile floor

We are at an exciting moment in our journey with General Education at PSU! We have a new name and for the first time this year we have faculty focusing their teaching, scholarship, and service to supporting the Habits of Mind Experience (HoME). HoME is much bigger than a couple of courses or a small group of faculty, it includes anyone that teaches or supports HoME courses including Connections, Directions, TWP, and INCAP.

Meet your HoME Faculty!

Laura Tilghman, Sarah Parrish, Amanda Whitworth, and Katharine Harrington introduce themselves and discuss how they became involved in HoME. Not featured in this video is our HoME Affiliate, Elisabeth Johnston!

What is HoME? Why is HoME?

Habits of Mind Experience (HoME) and HoME Program Handout

Where in the classroom have you seen HoME in action?

What is the role of creativity in the HoMe program?

What have the HoMe faculty been doing since their formation?

What is the relationship between HoME and Cluster Learning?