Across the Curriculum Series: Information Literacy

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The “Across the Curriculum” series is inspired by the Integrated Cluster Model. The faculty and staff of the Lamson Academic Unit have collaborated to create this series, which aims to help us integrate curriculum, infuse Cluster Learning throughout our courses, and align our approaches so that students benefit from a cohesive academic experience.

Information literacy comprises the set of skills and knowledge that enable people to seek, evaluate, use and create information effectively. Information literacy supports students’ academic goals as well as their ability to access and assess information about their non-academic lives – their health, environment, work, and government. As such it is important that students both strengthen and learn to transfer these skills and knowledge across different domains. In this workshop we discussed the information literacy concepts that are already present in our courses, how they interact with the Digital Habits of Mind, and how to help students connect those concepts across courses and to their non-academic lives. Facilitated by Librarian Christin Wixson.