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HiFlex, Zoom, and Your Sanity

HiFlex, Zoom, and Your Sanity

Lots of faculty are trying new things in their teaching as we navigate COVID. From using Zoom more, to teaching online and f2f students simultaneously, to developing ways to connect with asynchronous learners, many of you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how it’s going. This check-in is designed to give you practical just-in-time techniques you can […]

Ungrading Webinar screen shot of webinar slide

Ungrading Webinar

Do you sometimes feel concerned that traditional approaches to grading undermine the pedagogical framework of your course? Are you interested in strategies for assessing student work and course performance that are more aligned with process-oriented, learner-centered, and collaborative ecosystems? In this webinar, faculty and students from Plymouth State will discuss their questions and experiences with […]

Accessible Presentations slide image

Accessible Presentations

Join Hannah Davidson and Lindsay Page for this Accessibility Fast Blast! Many instructors use Google Slides to display content during their lectures. During this fast blast, the CAS team (Lindsay and Hannah) will model how to use this instructional tool in a way that reaches most learners, including demonstrations of how to add alt-text to […]

Grade Speculation Calculator for Students Person presents on the grade speculation calculator.

Grade Speculation Calculator for Students

“What’s my grade?”  The honest answers “It depends” or “It’s complicated” might do more harm than good.  For a student with limited quantitative literacy, grade weights and conditional grades can be overwhelming.  To help students understand that they have a range of grade possibilities, we’ve created a Grade Speculation Calculator.  This is a spreadsheet into […]