CoLab Cred 2021-22

The CoLab Credentialing program seeks to recognize the labor that faculty and staff invest in professional development, and make visible the dedication they have to improving their teaching and the Plymouth State University student experience.

In order to offer maximum flexibility and agency to faculty and staff participating in our programs we have created CoLab Cred to allow you to customize how you pursue compensation for sustained involvement in our developmental and community-based programming. Remember, participation in CoLab Cred is always optional; you are free to attend any CoLab program without tracking your engagement in this way!

There are four categories of Cred, and they are all open to all PSU employees, regardless of rank or position. (A reminder that as always, staff should seek permission from supervisors before attending any CoLab event during your regular work hours.)

All Cred is annual, and can only be redeemed in May of each academic year. The program does not run in June, and each new cycle begins on July 1. The following events and programs are not eligible for CoLab Cred: University Days, New Faculty Orientation in the summer, January Jamboree, CPLC events; CoLab Affiliates do not receive cred for completing their own programs, but may count their attendance in those sessions for the Community Engager credential.

1- First-Time Participant ($25)


  • For any faculty or staff member who has never attended an event with the CoLab before (not including University Days or January Jamboree), attend any event from the CoLab calendar (not including excluded events) to kick-off your participation in CoLab Cred, and we will seed your journey with an extra $25 in order to get you started learning with our community!

2- Community Engager ($100)


3- Series Participant (Payment and Certificate of Completion)


  • Completion of any formal CoLab series offered by our Faculty & Staff Affiliates.
  • Each individual series event counts towards the Community Engager credential, but completion of any full series adds an additional bonus:
    • Career & Curriculum Chat series with L. Blakney (3-part Fall series begins on 9/21) $100
    • Intersectionality Talks series with N. Helms (4-part year-long series begins on 9/23) $50
    • Trauma-Informed Pedagogy series with N. Tulk (3-part Fall series begins on 10/9) $100
    • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion series with K. Wolsiefer (3-part Fall series begins on 10/13) $100
    • Teaching Squares (see website) $100
    • Across the Curriculum series with Lamson Academic Unit (3-part Spring series begins on 2/10) $100
    • Students Talk With You About Teaching series (3-part Spring series begins on 2/16) $100
    • Check back: new series are being added regularly!

4- CoLab Contributor Honoree ($100)


  • Each year one Community Engager will be selected by CoLab Staff & Affiliates to receive the Contributor honor for the year. This person will be someone who demonstrated a collaborative and collegial approach to learning and professional development, and helped catalyze campus-wide engagement with professional development and community-building.
  • People who are new to CoLab participation or who help bring new voices to the CoLab’s community will be given priority for this honor.
  • The selected faculty or staff member must agree to contribute to a blog post to be published on the CoLab website.

If you have any questions about CoLab Cred, contact the CoLab!

To sign up, send us at email at and we will get you started!

Important Note: This is an emergent program, and it is possible that participation will exceed our budget! If we do end up running out of funds for this program (which would be a wonderful testament to your enthusiasm!) we will immediately contact all participants and pay out funds at that time so nobody will fail to get reimbursed for their engagement, and we will close the program for the remainder of the year. We have budgeted for the anticipated interest, though, and we do not expect to run out of funds.

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