Introducing “Ungrading: A Chapbook”

We are absolutely delighted to release our contribution to the ongoing (and vitally important) conversation about alternative assessment. Ungrading: A Chapbook. is a small volume that collects the voices and stories of faculty and students who are experiencing ungrading (and traditional assessment) on the ground.

Original prompt on Twitter from December 2019

Contributors shared their thoughts in response to a Twitter prompt we published last December. This spring, CoLab Learning Developer Martha Burtis selected a cross-section of those responses, and lightly edited and organized them. Then, CoLab Student Affiliate Ashley Hichborn spent several weeks illustrating the collection.

Throughout the volume, you will find the Twitter handles of the generous individuals who contributed their thoughts and stories to this collection. We encourage you to add these folks to your Twitter stream and to follow them and help us extend and enrich this conversation by adding your own voice to the mix.

Finally, at the end of the collection, you will find a link to a Google Doc of resources about ungrading that we maintain. We invite you to explore this resource further as you consider your own approaches to grading and assessment.

We are releasing several versions of this collection:

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