Cathie LeBlanc

Coordinator of General Education

Picture of Cathie LeBlanc

Cathie LeBlanc (pronouns: she/her) is the Coordinator of General Education at Plymouth State University. She has a BA in Computer Science from Dartmouth College and an MS and PhD in Computer Science from Florida State University. She has taught at the university level since 1992, first in several Computer Science departments and currently as Professor of Digital Media in the Communication and Media Studies program at PSU. She has previously worked as a waitress, pizza deliverer, grant writer and fund-raiser, and software engineer and loves board and card games, movies, photography, biking, and her cat, RB, who is named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is the co-author of Project-Based Software Engineering: An Object-Oriented Approach and writes regularly on her blog ( about Plymouth State University’s Integrated Cluster initiative and other topics related to her interests.

Cathie works with the CoLab co-facilitating the Cluster Pedagogy Learning Community (CPLC), which helps develop our faculty’s engagement with Cluster Learning, which is a pedagogical approach that centers interdisciplinarity, project-based learning, and open education.