Student Reviews, Courses with Approaches to Innovative Learning

The words "Innovative learning in the classroom," against a dusk sky.


My name is Rebecca Roberts and I’m a senior CoLab affiliate here at PSU. With this page, I wanted to create a space where students could share stories about unique courses that have made class feel valuable to them. Too many times I hear how students feel course content won’t help with the real world, the professor just doesn’t seem to get what being a college student is like, is unaware of personal struggles or highlights outside of the classroom, etc. For classes that we are looking to highlight here, it’s the classes that even on a rainy late-fall day when you want to stay inside, you’re looking forward to go. The courses where you had some of your favorite professors, the ones when you feel you learning and it’s good. We are hoping to create a space students can seek courses that encourage them to learn.

Think of a class that sticks out to you as being “different than the rest.” A course that you particularly loved or feel that prepared you for life after college. Here’s 5 questions to prompt you…

  1. Why does this course stick out to you as being non-traditional? What did you like about the way learning happens?
  2. What barriers to education did this course surpass? ex: schedule flexibility, affordable text, approachable professor, etc
  3. How does this course help you develop skills that will be relevant to future or current career/hobby pursuits?
  4. What course content was particularly unique in preparing you for real-life challenges or goals?
  5. Were there specific projects that stuck out to you as efficiently preparing you for the real world? If you partnered with local businesses or services for a project, please elaborate on what you gained from these experiences.