Resource Spotlight: Student Agency

The topic of student agency covers a wide range of topics related to the de-centering of the classroom and subverting traditional power dynamics between students and instructors. Some topics covered by this resource include:

  • involving students in the design of learning experiences and course policies;
  • creating opportunities for students to contribute to their field;
  • giving students their own space on the public web to work;
  • designing learning experiences to transform the role of the instructor to facilitator instead of the authority over learning;
  • recognizing and harnessing the power of student choice as a motivator and way to engage students more deeply;
  • recognizing students as unique individuals with important contexts and experiences to bring to a classroom community.

Featured PSU Resources

USNH Domains

Through ET&S, faculty and students can request their own website and URL for building out spaces for projects and clases. 

Design Forward: Care & Equity

The Care & Equity module of Design Forward (the CoLab’s faculty development platform), provides additional resources and readings for  those who want to think more deeply about how the spaces they design for education can best support learners and promote student agency.

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Reading List

Richmond, E. (2014, October 24). When Students Take Over the Classroom. The Atlantic.
Watters, A. (2021). The Web We Need to Give Students.
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