Resource Spotlight: Digital Pedagogy

The category of digital pedagogy covers a vast array of topics and concerns. For our purposes, we are interested in sharing resources related to the intersection of technology and the practices of teaching and learning, including

  • how technologies can augment teaching and learning and offer new opportunities for us and our students to teach and learn,
  • how we teach digital literacy (and what it is!),
  • how networked technologies are shifting academic work and reimagining our academic disciplines,
  • the impacts of artificial intelligence on both pedagogy and the larger world, and
  • the development and design of online classes and online learning environments.

Featured PSU Resources


Plymouth State’s learning management system is Canvas. All PSU courses have a Canvas shell automatically created for them. ET&S provides the technical infrastructure and support for Canvas. CoLab staff can consult about instructional design considerations related to Canvas. 

USNH Websites

Through ET&S, faculty and students can request various kinds of websites for use on projects and courses.

Design Forward: Tech & Tools

The Tech & Tools module of Design Forward (the CoLab’s faculty development platform), provides additional resources and readings related to the use of technology in the classroom. The CoLab offers stipended participation in the module on a regular basis, but any PSU faculty or staff can access the module for review at any time. 

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Reading List

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