Resource Spotlight: Artificial Intelligence

As educators become increasingly aware of the development of robust Artificial Intelligence engines, conversations have emerged about the place for AI in the classroom. While AI as a concept is not necessarily new, recent developments in large language processing have led to the launch of a variety of tools aimed at making it easy to quickly and easily generate text and media by feeding an interface simple prompts.

Within higher education, concerns abound about how (and whether) AI belongs in the classroom. Underpinning these concerns are a number of ethical dilemmas, including issues of bias, labor, and intellectual property. We encourage you to engage not only with resources to help you think about how to use AI effectively but also with the ethical questions woven through this complex topic.

Featured PSU Resources

Design Forward: The AI Challenge

This self-paced Design Forward module was created to build faculty capacity with generative artificial intelligence; specifically it focuses on teaching and learning about, with, and against GENAI.

The AI Challenge Collection

This is a curated collection of a  generative AI ideas for teaching and learning from around the web. It accompanies The AI Challenge Design Forward module. 

PSU Policy

In Spring 2023, the PSU faculty added language to the Academic Integrity policy about the use of artificial intelligence tools in the classroom. 

USNH ET&S Artificial Intelligence Standard

In summer of 2023, USNH’s Enterprise Technology & Services division approved a standard for the responsible use of artificial intelligence in the University environment.

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