Make a Pedagogy Plan

  • What are YOUR GOALS for this year around teaching and learning? What new things do you hope to learn? What practices do you want to examine? What expertise do you have that you'd like to share with your colleagues?
  • Review CoLab events and note those you'd like to attend. Include past events. We'll be reviewing plans to see if there are previous events we should revisit. Suggest new events you'd like to facilitate and attend.
  • We have lots of great programming scheduled for this year at the CoLab, and there's still time to apply for much of it. List any programs you're interested in and describe what you hope to learn by participating in them.
  • Take some time to review the many resources we have posted and note ones that you want to make sure to spend some time reading or reviewing this year.
  • Who are the people on campus who you can connect with around your goals and plans? Check out our team and affiliates but be sure to add anyone else.
  • What's missing? As you review your plan, note other ideas you have for programs or projects. What role could you play?

    If you're ready to suggest a program or event, go ahead and do that now.