Open Workshop: Values-Based Faculty Development for Fall Teaching During COVID-19

The Open CoLab is pleased to announce a 4-week workshop based on the ACE Framework. The Framework, which we published earlier this spring, is designed to help faculty and institutions plan for teaching and learning during times of crisis (especially COVID-19 this coming fall). It is built around the values of adaptability, connection, and equity to help guide decision-making around curricular and institutional structures and design. 

ACE Framework matrix
The ACE Framework
The 4-week workshop is aimed at faculty, and will walk through the ACE Framework with the goal of helping instructors design their fall courses so that they are responsive to the uncertain and rapidly changing landscape around the pandemic. The workshop will orient faculty to a course design process squarely centered on pedagogy and students, rather than on technology tools, modalities, or one-size-fits-all solutions.
The CoLab team will be offering the ACE course from July 13-August 7, 2020, and it will be open to all members of the Plymouth State Community. The online workshop is mostly asynchronous, and anticipates a minimum participation of about an hour per weekday. The CoLab will also be making the workshop curriculum public, which means that any college or university (or high school) is welcome to run their own version of the workshop. The workshop curriculum will be live and available by July 3rd.

Plymouth State Faculty

If you are a faculty member at Plymouth State, please register for the ACE Workshop by submitting the ” ACE Interest at PSU” form below. Anyone who is teaching at PSU this coming academic year is welcome to enroll in the workshop.

If you would like to apply for a stipend for the workshop, please email Academic Affairs by July 6th. Priority for funding will go to part-time faculty, but anyone from PSU is welcome to apply. Thank you to the Davis Educational Foundation for their generous support of this course.


Other Colleges, Universities, and High Schools

Teams from other institutions are welcome to run workshop using our curriculum (which you may modify as you wish). If you choose to run the workshop during the July 13-August 7 period, the CoLab would be happy to sync our communities for crossover events, host drop-in hours to help support your faculty and facilitators, and otherwise advise you as you run your workshop. If you wish to offer the workshop and want to coordinate with the CoLab, please visit our drop-in office hours on Thursday, July 2 from 1-2pm Eastern time for more information and a preview of the curriculum (please fill out the “ACE Interest beyond PSU” form below to receive the Zoom link for that drop-in session). You may also contact us anytime at

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