two paws rest on the keyboard of a tiny laptop. on the screen is a video conference interface with avatars of eight animals who are participating

Join a Study Group

Reach out to students in your classes (via chat in Zoom, Moodle discussion board, Teams, Navigate Student) to see if there are classmates who’d like to schedule a study group. You can meet every week to review lecture notes, in-class activities, and the content you’re currently learning. Some tips for convening an effective study group:

  • Connect with students who have similar motivations and goals as you
  • Come prepared: it may help to assign different sections of materials that each person is responsible for reviewing beforehand and assisting others with understanding
  • Appoint a group leader to keep everyone focussed. This role can change from meeting to meeting.
  • Build in break times to socialize and chat. This can make it easier to stay on task the rest of the time.
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