IDS Students Produce Video About IDS

Maya Golowasch ’20 created a video for the Interdisciplinary Studies program with the help of Casey Smith ’19 and a bunch of IDS students and alumni.

The goal of this video was to show how IDS can help students who are not finding success in their current major. Students come to IDS for lots of different reasons, but many do find us because they haven’t been able to find a good fit for themselves at Plymouth State. Many of these students tell us that their only regret is that they didn’t find IDS sooner.

Many IDS students could hear themselves in Rachel Grotheer ’21’s story: “I went through three majors before I found here. I had actually contemplated finding another school to go to, because I didn’t feel Plymouth was my ‘forever home.’ It kind of felt like a temporary place, and there wasn’t anywhere specifically for me here. But then when I walked into the IDS office and told them about what I wanted to do … [they] just said, ‘Welcome home,’ because this was where I was supposed to be.”

“IDS gives you the ability to make the school work for you,” says Alicia Edgar ’19, and we couldn’t agree more.

In an attempt to help such students learn about us, Maya, Casey, and the various participants worked throughout last year to develop this video into something that shows the range and possibilities of IDS for students who are struggling. We’re thrilled with the results! We have created a landing page for this video, “Thrive with Interdisciplinary Studies,” for advisors, faculty, and peers to send to students who are curious about IDS.

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