IDS Major Creates PSU’s First Fully Student-Created Pressbook

We have been using the Pressbooks tool at PSU for a few years to create online, openly-licensed books, but until now those Pressbooks have either been created by faculty/staff members or by students collaborating as part of course work designed by a faculty member. Now, IDS major Henry Huang has published the first entirely student-generated, student-written Pressbook at PSU: Sticks and Stones: Construction for Group Development.

Henry’s IDS major mixes Adventure Education with Psychology, and the integration of these fields is apparent in Sticks and Stones, which provides original educational games and activities for a wide variety of scenarios.

“My guiding mission for the content,” Henry writes in the introduction, “was to create original games and activities that require little to no extra resources.” For example, the “Braiding Dreams” activity requires only “A large amount of things to braid: Grass, thin, green branches, vines, rope, etc.”

Sticks and Stones is icensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license, making it open to wide use, adaptation, and remixing.

Congratulations to Henry on setting a great example for future students — and many thanks to him for the generosity he has shown in putting his ideas and creativity out there for the world to benefit from.

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