2019 Fall End-of-Semester-Celebration

by Becca Roberts ’20

Interdisciplinary Studies got together to celebrate the end of the semester and listen to graduating seniors present their IDS Seminar work on Wednesday, December 11th. Seniors presenting their capstone presentations include: Jess Sullivan, Sarah Connor, Alicia Edgar, Julia DeLotto, Mark Bertrand, Justin Sliker, Kat Holmes, Zach Newquist, Kelly Coughlin, Alyssa Julifs, Ashley LeBlanc, Andrew Galena, Vincent Lapointe-Deptula, Emery Ames, Raymond Steenbeke, Hailey Davis, Audrey Hunter, Keryn Lee, Andrew Civiello, Casey Smith and Kristina Frangos. We all celebrated over food, cake, thank-you-note writing, holiday-themed decorations and fellowship among our amazing majors and graduating seniors.
Graduating Seniors & Current IDS Team

For many, preparation for the 2019 End-of-Semester-Celebration was a labor of love. From our hard-working IDS seniors in the Senior Seminar class completing their Applied Projects and Research Articles to our stellar Graphic Designer, Ashley Hichborn, developing a party theme, decorations, and promotion for the event, we recognize all the work that went into this year’s Celebration.

Hannah Hounsell and another human posing with cardboard winter hats.
Table with Christmas themed items.
Table full of leaflets, pens, and t-shirts boasting different interdisciplinary studies majors.
Senior Program Title Shirts

This semester Matt changed the format of capstone presentations. There were 4 different tables and seniors took turns presenting in 15 minute intervals. This created a dynamic theme to the event where viewers were free to walk around the room and listen in to presentations. Seniors were passionate about their work and engaged in discussion questions presented by audience members.

Matthew Cheney presents at the Interdisciplinary end of semester celebration.
Matt Cheney Welcoming Student to Event
Picture of Kat Holmes
Senior Kat Holmes Presenting her Captsone
Picture of Alicia Edgar
Senior Alicia Edgar Presenting her Capstone
Martha Brutis, Hannah Hounsell, Matthew Cheney and others pose for an end of semester celebration photo.
IDS Office Staff Getting Festive

Make sure to check out all of the amazing work that our seniors (and now, our graduates!) have been doing as IDS majors by exploring their blogs below!

Jess Sullivan Ecological Education & Analytics | transscendsurvival.org 

Sarah Connor Sociology of Art slindsey.plymouthcreate.net 

Alicia Edgar Performing Arts Production | aliciaedgar3.wixsite.com/website 

Julia DeLotto Pre-Physician Assistant Studies juliadelotto.weebly.com 

Mark Bertrand Visual Design and Digital Marketing markb.plymouthcreate.net 

Justin Sliker Advertising and Creative Services  |  justincsliker.plymouthcreate.net 

Kat Holmes Pre-Med medonthemoutain.plymouthcreate.net 

Zach Newquist Human Resources 16newquistz.plymouthcreate.net 

Kelly Coughlin Physical Activity and Lifelong Health kellycoughlin.plymouthcreate.net 

Alyssa Juilfs Pre-Pharmacy beignet7.plymouthcreate.net 

Ashley Leblanc Expressive Arts easypassion.plymouthcreate.net 

Andrew Galena Marketing with Graphic Arts andrewgalena.plymouthcreate.net 

Vincent LapointeDeptula Outdoor Recreation Entrepreneurship outdoorinnovations.plymouthcreate.net 

Emery Ames Marketing for the Recording Industry | kojibrew.blogspot.com 

Raymond Steenbeke Global Business Management | rfs.plymouthcreate.net 

Hailey Davis Mental Health Studies | davisids.weebly.com 

Audrey Hunter Neuropsychology and Law aehunter1.wixsite.com/website 

Keryn Lee Healthy Living and Psychological Wellness kerynlee.plymouthcreate.net 

Andrew Civiello Biopsychological Sciences | andrewciviello.plymouthcreate.net 

Casey Smith Health & Environmental Culture | crsexploreplymouthcreate.wordpress.com 

Kristina Frangos Pre-Professional Occupational Therapy | kfrangos.plymouthcreate.n

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