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My Project Proposal

The admissions office is a small warm office with creaky wooden floors and small quant offices. This is where I feel most at home like I belong. Thanks to admissions I found what I am good at and now that I am graduating I wanted to find a way to give back to the program …

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Capstone Rough Draft

Three main things I want out of my capstone: Benefits other studentsBenefits myself Will last longer than a presentation I would like to introduce a plan to the Interdisciplinary office at Plymouth state university to become a long term contract and resource if the IDS office. My goal will be to help students in the …

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My Senior Capstone Proposal

My Senior CapstoneAs I began to contemplate what type of project I wanted to tackle for my Senior Capstone, I struggled to find something worthy of being the culmination of my college experience. I knew that I wanted to reach more than just the Plymouth State community, and so I needed to think bigger. As […]

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Shure-ly This Will Fail.

This is going to be a stretch, but I plan to create an X/Y microphone that pairs with an analogue compressor specifically tailored to being used as overhead drum microphones in a for a small drum kit in a live-to-tape or large venue situation. There has always been a lack of microphones that are well […]

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My Intellectual Journey

I grew up in White Plains, New York which is about forty minutes north of New York City; my early life was spent in and around Manhattan which is a very diverse and urban area and has had a very strong impact on my life. My parents come from South America and my family is […]

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Intel-ectual Journey and my “Lifework”

Where am I from? Frankly, I do not know. I was born in Nashua. I lived in Reading. Then I lived in Switzerland. Then I lived in MA again. Then I lived–you get the point. I have lived for extended periods of time in 2 continents, many countries, states, and even counties within states. But […]

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