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Applied Project

Toxic Waste My project was based around investigating toxic waste that was being dumped into my old neighborhood in Salem in the 1940s-1970s.  This toxic was prevalent issue during this time all around the country and was in my own back yard for years essentially.  Stories of animals losing fur and people getting sick have been coming …

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Precis “Nature vs. Nurture Theory Explained: Effects on Genes and Intelligence.” MedicineNet, MedicineNet, 25 July 2017, www.medicinenet.com/nature_vs_nurture_theory_genes_or_environment/article.htm#is_our_intelligence_based_on_nature_or_nurture. This article dives into the nature vs nurture debate.  It goes over how intelligence, disease and other aspects of health are developed over time through your experiences.  It puts a heavy emphasis on how factors such as diet, environment and upbringing truly …

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Summary Synthesis

            My IDS major is fairly new to me and was accomplished in reverse order when comparing myself to others in that major.  I finished all my credits before I even knew what my major was going to be about.  However, I knew what interested me throughout the 155+ credits I have taken so it wasn’t hard to …

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PLN Portfolio

Twitter was what I used for my personal leaning network.  I must start out by saying I did not no much about twitter at all when I first started using it.  I viewed it as a type of reddit but with more of an identifiable profile that can be use to distinguish you from someone else. I …

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Eport post 4

Overall my applied project had many complications that made me regret choosing such a taxing topic to try to accomplish in less than two months. Originally, I loved the idea of looking into the toxic waste that was being dumped into my neighborhood by a leather factory for 10 years in that 1970s. This black …

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A PLN Portfolio

My PLN has evolved over the course of my IDS program. Initially, Twitter started off as an opportunity for me to connect with companies and artists. It allowed me to see what others in the music disciplines were doing with their careers and new tools a…

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Eport post 3

Learning more about how you external environmental factors can influence your biological makeup as well as your overall behavior has really fascinated me this semester. It’s insane how much your experiences in your first few years of life can determine your genetic makeup as well as your behavioral responses. The way your parents treated you …

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Eport post 2

For my second post, I decided to write about changing the stigma of mental health. Ten years ago, mental health was more of a myth than a factual concern. People used to brush issues such as anxiety, depression and other mood related issues as things that you can “suck up and get over it”. Now …

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Eport post 1

Throughout my first few weeks in this major I have experienced many new challenges that I am excited to work through during this semester. I have looked at the schedule in both my senior and intro class and understand that I will need to work on different skill set that I have normally used in …

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