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Senior Synthesis

My Interdisciplinary Studies degree title is “Health and Human Recourse Management”, although I am in the process of changing it…

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Summary Synthesis

Senior Seminar Robert Jaarsma For my Interdisciplinary Major, I created Adventure Tourism. This was a program that I designed to set me up for what I wanted to do exactly. I say exactly because there was no major that was offered that allowed me to truly feel qualified for my career goal. I was a …

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The Culmination of a Long Road

Throughout my time in college I feel that I have gotten to know myself and my interests more than ever before. Whether it was changing my hobbies, changing my major, or even changing my school, those experiences led me to be sure in my passions, and have confidence in my future. After many majors and…

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The Admissions Fellow Manual

Admissions Fellow Manual A guide on how to be be successful in the admissions fellowship  By: Maeve Bins Mckenna 2021 This Manual is dedicated to Shasta  Welcome to the Team! Dear New Fellow, Congratulations on being chosen as the Admissions fellow! Being a fellow for the admissions office was the best decision of my career …

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A Senior Synthesis

By: Maeve McKenna My Major in the Interdisciplinary program, Human Resources with Youth and Development is mixing two worlds opposite from each other, together.  It brought sides of the business aspects of Human Resources like communications skills and management skills together with sides of Youth development, aspects like how adolescents work, develop and what they …

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Human Resources with Youth and Development

 Human Resource with Youth and Development is a mixture of the business world with the childcare world. In this program, there are courses dealing with topics like marketing, personal relations and of course human resources. It also covers child development, empowering and mentoring youth, learning, professionalism, and leadership. I created this program because I never …

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The Future

What a world to be graduating into. This thought keeps bouncing around in my mind, as I think about what my plans will be once I finish my undergraduate degree this November. In the years leading up to this moment I have had so many plans, ideas and day dreams about what my next steps…

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Summarily Synthesizing Myself

Music-Physics. When most people hear that one of two things is their reaction: 1) That sounds awesome (These tend to be the more tech savy people, 2) What the Hell is that? Both of those are reasonable reactions. Music-Physics is not just about acoustics, although that is a large portion of it. It is about […]

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