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Design Forward: Preparing to Teach TWP

Welcome to a Strategic Plan Alignment module of Design Forward. In this module, participants will work on aligning course design with the institution’s mission, vision, values, and strategic plan.  Specifically, the topic and scope of this module is “Preparing to Teach TWP.” “Tackling a Wicked Problem” is PSU’s first-year experience course, the cornerstone of our HoME program. We are excited you are going to be joining our TWP faculty community!

Completing This Module 

This Design Forward module is self-paced and designed to fit your busy life. Move through this page one section at a time. After each section, you will answer the corresponding question in your workbook (you will receive access to your own copy of the workbook after registering for this module). When you complete all eight questions, please submit your workbook as instructed, and you will be contacted by the CoLab to set a meeting with a TWP mentor to discuss your learning and answer any questions you might have about teaching TWP before your semester begins.

Workbook Questions

Throughout this module, you will encounter workbook questions, indicated with this question mark icon. You should use your personal workbook to record your answers to these prompts

Introduction to TWP

TWP is part of PSU’s HoME program and represents the first course in which students will hear about and have opportunities to practice the goals of our General Education program. These goals, which we call “Habits of Mind,” are purposeful communication, problem-solving, integrated perspective, and self-regulated learning. By collaborating on a learner-driven project, students in TWP not only tackle a wicked problem, they also begin their journey to learning how to learn.

Start your own learning journey with TWP by reading “What is ‘Tackling a Wicked Problem?” by PSU Professor Cathie LeBlanc.

Workbook Question #1

After reading Cathie’s piece, “What is ‘Tackling a Wicked Problem,” how would you describe the course to a friend or family member who is unfamiliar with PSU and with higher education in general? What do you think makes this course unique? worthwhile for students? exciting or challenging to teach?

The Habits of Mind

A “Habit of Mind” is a way of thinking or way of engaging with the world. The 4 Habits of Mind that form the backbone of PSU’s HoME Program are also central to the learning outcomes for TWP. It is essential that you know and understand the Habits of Mind if you will be teaching TWP, and it is essential that they are at the heart of the activities and approach of your section. To learn more about the Habits of Mind,

Workbook Question #2

TWP is an opportunity for all students to engage in learning experiences that will help them to practice their Habits of Mind. The wicked problem of each section is the topic that will focus these learning experiences. How will you integrate the activities in your course so that students are using the Habits of Mind as they work on the wicked problem? How will you help students to understand that the HoM are useful ways of engaging in many aspects of their lives, not just in their academics? What excites or concerns you about the sustained focus on the HoM in TWP?

TWP Toolbox

Explore each of the topics in the Toolbox to learn more about approaches to teaching TWP. Whenever you encounter a Workbook Question that corresponds with a topic, make sure to record your response in your own personal workbook. 

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TWP Learning Outcomes

TWP has six learning outcomes. Read more about each one. Understand the importance of the General Education Habits of Mind to your success both during

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Finishing Up

To complete your TWP preparation, submit the form below to let us know you’re done with your workbook and ready to meet with a TWP mentor.