Design Forward

An emergent exploration of critical instructional design

Spring 2023: Retention and Persistence, Nursing and HHP

During fall 2023, the PSU Open CoLab is running two, face-to-face,  sessions of this module focussed on retention and persistence for nursing and HHP faculty. 

  • May 5, 8:30-11:30
  • May 22, 9:00-12:00

Introduction & Welcome

Welcome to the Strategic Plan Alignment module of Design Forward. In this module, participants will work on aligning course design with the institution’s mission, vision, values, and strategic plan.  Specifically, the topic and scope of the Spring 2023 version of this module is retention and persistence within Nursing and HHP programs. 

Browse the slides to the right, but consider clicking on the three dots to open the speaker’s notes as well: that’s where all the links are to the best research and tips!

Topics: Strategic Focus Areas


Feedback is distinct from grading, since we are not just evaluating work, but also encouraging future learning. For that reason, feedback is directly linked to

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Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are often linked to assessment, including program and institutional assessment. But learning outcomes can also be powerful ways to open conversations with students

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Support and Removing Barriers

“Support” is a word that is sometimes considered teaching-adjacent, rather than central to course design and pedagogy. For example, academic support centers and support services

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Student Belonging

Everyone wants to feel that they belong somewhere. At PSU, we have named our General Education program HoME, not just to stress the Habits of

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Relevance and Value

Common sense tells us that students will engage more deeply if they see how their coursework is relevant to their lives. We know that students

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Mental Health

In 2021 more than 80% of students reported that emotional or mental health difficulties hurt their academic performance one or more days in the previous

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Participant Worksheet

Each participant should use this document to record their reading notes and brainstorm possible practices they could use.

Team Contract

As a team, you'll decide which areas to focus on and develop an agreement around practices to implement. Use this contract to record your choices.