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Spring 2024 Information & Application

During the Spring 2024 term, we will be offering the Technology & Tools module as a 2-week, asynchronous experience. The module will run from February 12-23

Technology & Tools Intentional Choices

This module is an opportunity to consider technology tools through a more intentional lens--and to consider how your choice of technology and tools can support or thwart your teaching and design philosophies. Come prepared to discuss your previous experience with technology in the classroom and your concerns and goals going forward.

DF Orientation Requirement

Prior to the start of your module, if you are new to Design Forward, you will need to complete an online, asynchronous Orientation program prior to the start of the module. Orientation should take no more than an hour.  

Stipend & Participation Requirement

The stipend for participating is $400. In order to receive the stipend, you will need to participate consistently in the module during the two weeks while it is running. Generally, we recommend you plan to spend a minimum of 6 hours total on the module.


Applications for the Spring 2024 module will be accepted through the end of the day on January 12, 2024.

In the form below, please enter your name (as it appears on your PSU ID), USNH ID number, department, building, and MSC so that we can correctly disburse any awarded stipends.