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3/14/2020 18:26:57Bret KulakovichFree Access to Spectrum Broadband/Wi-Fi For 60 Days For College Student Households
3/14/2020 18:30:57Hannah DuttonComcast Offers 2 Months of Free Internet
3/14/2020 18:37:01Hannah DuttonNational Suicide Helpline 1-800-273-8255
3/14/2020 18:38:21Hannah DuttonLGBTQ+ Hotline
3/14/2020 18:43:15Hannah DuttonCollege Students: U-Haul Offers 30 Days Free Self-Storage amid Coronavirus Outbreak Assistance
3/14/2020 18:44:06Hannah DuttonFree Museum Virtual Tours
3/14/2020 18:44:37Hannah DuttonPlay Magnetic Poetry Online
3/14/2020 18:46:14Martha BurtisPivot to Online: A Student Guide Tips, Student Assistance
3/14/2020 19:54:11Martha BurtisEpidemic with Dr Celine Gounder and Ronald Klain (podcast about COVID19)
3/14/2020 19:58:58Ann McClellanBuilding a Community of Learning: Online Teaching Tips from SNHU Tips
3/14/2020 20:08:46Robin DeRosa (via Josh Eyler)A list of online science simulations and lab resources divided by discipline and course type Tips, Learning Materials
3/14/2020 20:09:44Robin DeRosa (via Josh Eyler)A set of lab simulations from Harvard’s LabXchange Learning Materials
3/14/2020 20:10:29Robin DeRosa (via Josh Eyler)A collection of virtual labs Learning Materials
3/14/2020 20:11:26Robin DeRosa (via Josh Eyler)A wealth of online STEM simulations from PHET Learning Materials
3/14/2020 20:15:47Stacey CurdiePearson Resources for Going Online Quickly Tips
3/14/2020 20:20:39Robin DeRosaAssociation of College & University Educators Online Teaching Toolkit
3/14/2020 23:27:32Robin DeRosaAccessible Teaching in a Time of COVID19
3/15/2020 10:16:14Robin DeRosaInfographic on How to Start Teaching Remotely Tips, Technology
3/15/2020 10:25:45Matt CheneyOnline Teaching Resources for Theatre Design & Technology, Learning Materials
3/15/2020 14:08:27Erika RydbergNavigating the Threat of Pandemic Syllabus, from Duke U Press Tips, Learning Materials
3/16/2020 10:31:37Martha BurtisVirtual Field Trip Tips & Advice (Padlet) Materials
3/16/2020 10:33:01Martha BurtisArticle about Virtual Museum Tours Materials
3/16/2020 10:35:41Martha BurtisOnline Art & Design Studio Instruction in the Age of Social Distancing (FB Group) Tips, Art Learning Materials
3/16/2020 10:36:31Martha BurtisTeaching College-Level Arts and Humanities Online During a Pandemic (FB Group) Tips
3/16/2020 10:37:06Martha BurtisThe Spring 2020 Online Learning Collective (FB Group) Tips
3/16/2020 11:20:26Lynn JohnsonPlease do a bad job of putting your courses online Tips, Technology
3/16/2020 15:47:09Martha BurtisSupporting Students through COVID19 Assistance
3/16/2020 16:25:51Martha BurtisKeeping Students Engaged in a Transition to Online Learning (Webinar series) Tips
3/16/2020 16:27:36Martha BurtisThe Art Assignment: Assignment Episodes (YouTube Playlist) Materials, Art Learning Materials
3/16/2020 16:38:33Martha Burtis2 Week Mindfulness Group for Youth & Teens (starts 3/26) Assistance, Self-Care
3/17/2020 9:39:36Stacey Curdiefree access to: JoVE Core – a video textbook that isolates and visually presents core concepts in Bio and Social Psych; JoVE Science Education – a collection of simple video demos; Lab Manual – comprehensive videos for intro bio labs Learning Materials
3/21/2020 17:06:27Mike DavidsonConcise list of some online resources for professors and students during this COVID-19 pandemic, prepared by PSU librarian Resources
3/21/2020 17:08:53Robin DeRosaPanic-gogy': Teaching Online Classes During The Coronavirus Pandemic Tips, Technology
3/25/2020 9:16:53Robin DeRosaThe Shift to Remote Learning: The Human Element Tips
3/26/2020 15:21:42Robin DeRosaCoronavirus Info from AAUP Tips
3/27/2020 9:36:17Melissa UleryNational Emergency Library to Provide Digitized Books to Students and the Public Materials
3/30/2020 13:07:28Shawn HackshawBest practices for remote learning for students with learning differences Differences
4/4/2020 9:58:48Shawn HackshawBest Practices for Securing Your Zoom Room
4/13/2020 8:48:33Lourdes AvilesSelf-Care Resources for Educational Leaders
5/19/2020 17:17:55Robin DeRosaRegister for Free UNH Summer Virtual Professional Development Tips, Technology, Learning Materials, STEM Learning Materials