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The ACE 

A guide for decision-making and professional development planning during times of crisis.

Complicating the Conversation: The ACE Framework in Context

The ACE Framework is designed to be flexible and adaptive, allowing faculty to employ it in any teaching context. However, we acknowledge that some course contexts are particularly challenging to take into hybrid or online modalities. From this page, you can follow links to advice and resources for tackling some of these challenging learning contexts. If you think of something we’ve missed, please submit your idea below!

Experiential Learning

Resources for classes that involve labs, internships/clinicals, performances, field trips, hands-on creation/fabrication.

Project-Based Learning

Resources for classes where students learn through the design and implementation of large-scale and/or real-world projects.

Large Lecture Learning

Resources for classes that depend upon larger-scale classroom settings and traditional lecture content delivery.

Exam-Intense Learning & Proctoring

Resources for classes that use high-stakes testing, particularly to prepare students for real-world and certification exams.

Supporting First-Year Students Online

Resources for courses that teach only or primarily first-year students who are new to the campus community.

Are you teaching a class in the fall that has a particularly challenging context we haven’t addressed above? Fill out this form with details so we can get back to you and, perhaps, create a new resource list for this site.